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Astronauta Mike Fossum comenta o caso de Lisa Nowak

"Somos pessoas normais, com problemas de gente normal"

Mike Fossum, que voou com Lisa Nowak na missão STS-121 em Julho do ano passado, fez alguns comentários ao actual caso da ex-astronauta Lisa Nowak.

O julgamento da ex-estronauta está marcado para Setembro.

Fonte: The Rapid City Journal

Fossum comments on Lisa Nowak case

SIOUX FALLS — An astronaut with ties to South Dakota says astronauts are normal people with normal problems.

During a visit to the McCrossan Boys Ranch this past week, Mike Fossum, a NASA mission specialist who was born in Sioux Falls, was asked about the Lisa Nowak case.

Nowak, also an astronaut, is accused of trying to kidnap a rival for a space shuttle pilot’s affections.

Fossum said he considers Nowak a colleague and a friend. He also said he “can’t really fathom what happened to cause this whole situation to unfold the way it did. I can’t understand it.”

He and Nowak flew a mission to the international space station last summer. Fossum said he has known her for three years.

“A lot goes into the process of becoming selected to be an astronaut,” he said, “but when you get down to it, we’re normal people with normal kinds of problems.”

The Nowak case “certainly doesn’t put us in a good light in the news, but I think that people understand this is not representative of the people in our office and the kind of professionalism we hold and the way we conduct our lives,” Fossum said.

Fossum was born in Sioux Falls in 1957. His family lived in Pierre for about two years during the 1960s and later moved to McAllen, Texas.

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